Friday, September 11, 2015

Internet Fail!

Hi everyone,

Sooooo I know I promised a post on my Spy Writing Project this week, but unfortunately the internet in my apartment has been down the past 4 days! As a result, I couldn't get my post ready in time. (Just a little issue you deal with when teaching abroad!) I would post this weekend, but it's a long weekend which means I'm heading out of town until Tuesday. (I'm going to Semuc Champey, a Guatemalan river full of beautiful lagoons! I'll post a pic when I get back. This is an example of a perk of teaching abroad!)

Sometimes you just gotta roll with it.

I'll leave you with a few of my favorite kid-isms to help with the pain of having to wait a bit longer for the Spy Writing Project.....

While walking down the hallway to lunch:
Me: Guys, are we walking in a line or in a hoard? 
Kid: (thoughtfully) I don't know what a whore is....

In the cafeteria:
Kid: Miss Fano, I can't eat lunch today because it's pizza and I'm not allowed to eat things that start with the letter P. The doctor said so.
Me: Oh...... well this is cheese pizza. It starts with the letter C. 
Kid: Oh! Ok!
(Don't worry. I talked with this parent. The child IS allowed to eat pizza.)

In the middle of a lesson:
I watch a child pick something up off the floor and proceed to roll it all over his face.
Me: If you found it on the floor, please don't rub it on your face!!
Kid: Don't worry it's mine. I dropped it there yesterday.

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