Sunday, May 1, 2016

Introducing the Passport2Teach Youtube Channel!

Hi everyone!!

One thing I really enjoy is video editing, and over the past few months I have been working on videos to explain and supplement my products in my TeachersPayTeachers store, as well as educational videos just for the heck of it!

Below is my youtube channel intro video!

I have a couple of different playlists that I've been putting together. My most popular one so far has been my Educational Songs playlist. The really cool thing about this playlist is that the songs posted there match up with freebies in my TPT store!!

My students often end up singing these songs ALL year long! We glue the freebie song lyrics in their journals and they love to flip back to them!!

These have been a blast to make! Look out for more in my TPT store soon!!

I also have another playlist that I use to explain my TPT products in more depth!

For example, here's one of my spelling foldable products: Spelling Foldable Draw and Label. Perhaps you're interested in the product, but not sure if you want to shell out the moo-lah to own it for yourself. So you click on the video link in the product description. Check it out below!

Did that help you make up your mind??

I don't have many of these videos out yet, but plan on making MANY more. If you are on the fence about any of my products and want me to make a video for a specific one, please send me a message thorugh my TPT store or comment on this post!! I'd looooove to hear from you!

I've been reflecting recently that although my blog is called Passport2Teach because I am an international teacher, I sometimes feel that the international bit doesn't always come across in my blog posts.

I wanted to have some part of Passport2Teach that really focused on the global as well as educational aspect of what I do.  

Thus, my youtube playlist Experience the World! was born! These videos are short 3 to 4 minutes of an experience that I've had somewhere in the world, be it releasing turtles in Guatemala or hiking on a glacier in Iceland. Each video includes elementary appropriate information and images and videos. 

Check those bad boys out! I had such fun making these!

In terms of using them in the classroom, I have a few ideas, but really, the sky is the limit!!
  • Writing prompts
  • Introduction videos to topics
  • Cultural awareness
  • Independent student research 
Got other ideas?? Feel free to share them with me by commenting on the bottom of this post!

If you like the videos in my post, why don't you head over to my youtube channel and subscribe? You'll then get updates whenever I post more interesting and educational stuff! Click here or on the videos tab at the top of the page!!

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