Sunday, January 17, 2016

Landforms, Landforms, Landforms! {{FREEBIE INCLUDED}}

At the end of last semester my students and I were working on an Landform unit! I've been working on a rehaul of the Social Studies and Science units to make them more engaging and the Landform unit was next in line!

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One of the highlights of this unit was the Landform Plate Model project!

Before starting this project, we learn all about the different types of landforms. During this unit we did this through a landform song, at-home research project and QR code activity.{COMING SOON TO TPT}

I always start the project with this sheet. We read the directions together and, as a group, brainstorm some landforms that would work well. 

One of my favorite things about this project is how well it lends itself to parental involvement. I invited the parents to come in this year and help to mix the salt dough that we use and set up for the project. Most of them stayed to help their child with constructing the landforms. I love to hear the students explaining the different landforms to Moms and Dads!

After completing the model and painting it, I have the students label the model with toothpicks. Finally, they create a 2-D map of the landform plate. I tie this to our mapping unit by having students label a compass rose and create map key with symbols for the different landforms.


Looking for more Landform activities??

Coming soon to TeachersPayTeachers......The Landform Activity Packet!! Check out the pictures below for a sneak peek and head back to my TPT store soon to grab it!

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