Hello everyone!!

My name is Emily Fano and I am excited to share my classroom and my travels with all of you!

I worked for two years as a year 3 teacher (second grade in the American system) in an international school in Tanzania in East Africa. After that I moved around the world to Guatemala City, Guatemala to teach second grade. This will be my 4th year in Guatemala!

Teaching and living abroad can definitely have its ups and its downs as well as its moments of frustration and elation. (For example, I can travel just a few hours and be surrounded by the jungle-y ruins of the ancient city of Tikal buuuuuut if I want to do anything official with a bank or my phone it will take at least two hours and an awkward, halting, multilingual convo.)

Working in international schools means being immersed in different cultures and it definitely spices up things in the classroom! Enjoy my blog!  

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